Hive Crush



  1. Ion Hive - i. A Birth, A Death (12:00)

  2. Ion Hive - ii. Now, and Now (8:32)

  3. Ion Hive - iii. Sweet, Again (6:20)

  4. Yellow In, Blue Out (12:00)

  5. Crushed Eyes - i. Crushed, but to Sweet (5:08)

  6. Crushed Eyes - ii. Memory Eyes, Flutter (8:30)

  7. Crushed Eyes - iii. We Came, Now to Sweet (8:41)


Saxophone (Yellow In, Blue Out) by Tom WeeksC
omposed/Recorded/Mixed by Sam Genovese

Released September 5, 2016

I hope you find this music rewards close listening at louder-than-usual volume.
Thank you for listening.


Avant Music News Pick of the Week

The project combines ambient, experimental, electroacoustic, and thoughtfully chosen elements of pure sound into works that, as I like to say, grow but never ripen and in so doing feel “partially digested.”

Special thanks to Yari Bundy, Cory Gehrich, and Steve Roden for listening to almost-but-no-quite-ready mixes.