Signal in the Sky is Just A Shadow



  1. Stitch & Whisper (5:28)

  2. Larynx to Retina (10:14)

  3. LC_002 (5:42)

  4. Iron Age (11:12)

  5. Dust to Bone (4:01)

  6. Map of the Sky (9:43)


Composed/Recorded/Mixed by Sam Genovese
Mastered by Shawn Hatfield at Audible Oddities, Oakland, CA

Released November 2, 2017

I hope you find this music rewards close listening at louder-than-usual volume.
Thank you for listening.


Action transmuted to pulse and wave
Signal sent to sky
There is space between dot and dash
‘tween the zero and the one
Can you hear it?
It’s just a shadow of what was

Signal in the Sky is Just a Shadow is the fifth album from Sam Genovese and continues his work blending electronics, pure sounds and melodies into unorthodox compositional forms that feel by turns ambient, aggressive, ominous and hopeful.

These pieces hold space for the listener and so it is hoped that this album becomes a work to inhabit again and again.