This Thing That Thought It Was Becoming



  1. Her Figure Into the Mist (7:06)

  2. Moonwan (9:18)

  3. Soft Like Tearing (10:01)

  4. U4ee17 (4:32)

  5. Asa Nisi Masa (1:33)

  6. This Thing That Thought It Was Becoming (21:56)


Composed/Recorded/Mixed by Sam Genovese
Mastered by Shawn Hatfield at Audible Oddities, Oakland, CA

Released June 25, 2015

I hope you find this music rewards close listening at louder-than-usual volume.
Thank you for listening.


“…recalls a supercharged version of Bernhard Günter’s early looks towards digital nihility; subsequently, the appearance of strange pseudo-orchestral flashes awakens us from the hypnosis. A “cosmically explosive” finale (of sorts) subverts any expectation gathered until that moment.

…a kind of brutal truthfulness is detectable in each piece…”

Massimo Ricci – Touching Extremes (Rome, Italy)

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