63 Sunrises Without a Sun



Immersive installation by Sam Genovese, Sara Kerr, Rachelle Reichert.

Inspired by the subterranean isolation experiments of Michel Siffre, who spent 63 days deep below a glacier in the Alps, the gallery space was completely blacked out, made dark and used as a jumping off point to explore isolation, time, and circadian rhythms.


Visual art by Sara Kerr, Rachelle Reichert
Sound art by Sam Genovese


Ramon's Tailor Gallery, San Francisco, CA, July 7 - July 28, 2016


Siffre had no human contact while underground, but he did have one-way communication with the surface via a telephone on which he rang when he thought that a 24 hour span of time had elapsed. His task each time was to count from 1 to 120 with each number marking one second of time for a total of two minutes.

Siffre’s grasp of time — the feeling of time — slipped the longer he stayed in the dark cave. He experienced a compression of time wherein what felt like a single 24 hour cycle was actually longer.

The simple task of counting off two minutes over the phone eventually took him five minutes to complete. For the sound work, I chose to use Siffre’s “daily” calls to the surface as inspiration.

The sound piece is 1 hour 51 minutes in length.