Womb Tone



Two channel audio installation. Part of Womb Nostalgia, a group show of performance, visual, and sound art where artists were asked to interpret the womb.

March 4 – 31, 2011

Market Street Gallery, San Francisco, CA.


Composed/Produced/Mixed by Sam Genovese


Womb Tone was the only sound piece in the show and the only piece that did not view the womb as a place of safety. I heard the womb as a hell of tribal heart-drums, biological machinery, and drowning. The end of the piece offered a hope of sorts, out of the womb and into the world.

I focused on creating something that worked especially well on headphones. The visual presentation was left to Kelly Egan, who placed the playback device inside a large conch shell out of which hung the headphones. The response to the piece was overwhelmingly positive and it is this response that got me thinking about gallery work and how to physically present my sounds.